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Executive DevOps Program

Best School for Technology Education 2020

After years of experience of our teams, we know how to train DevOps professionals. That is why we have created a program for you to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to specialize in the world of DevOps, working on real cases of technology companies of reference.

4 months part-time

During 4 months you will work on real projects of companies like Amazon, Skyscanner, IBM, Google or Spotify.

Learn from the best

Meet the best professionals and learn from them. Our Executive programs are carried out in partnership with the best companies.

Launch your career

DevOps Engineer is the most sought after position in the technology world today.

Program overview


4 months, Part-time




English or Spanish


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Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
19 pm to 22 pm

Engineering graduates
Professional experience in systems

March 2021 -Complete

October 2021 - Admissions open

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Curriculum Vitae

The best track to become a DevOps Engineer. Share the programme with CTOs from companies and leaders in the tech sector.

Operational Systems

We will work on Debian and Centos for production environments. You will start to learn about Linux and how to navigate with command lines. At this level of the program, you will also work on bash scripts and the most popular service managers. We will show you how to develop a server with antispam and antivirus.

IaaC & Automation

In this course, infrastructure implementation exercises with terraform will be conducted, in addition to working with implementation technologies for development solutions such as Docker and Kubernetes.


In teams organized by squads, IC and CD tools should be known. Students will learn how to configure a jenkins server to set up CI / CD pipelines. We will also cover the test part of the unit from the systems part. It will also show how to configure CI&CD with some "major vendors" like Gitlab.


In this section, we'll show you how to implement leading monitoring systems to verify the life of our services, as well as take metrics to track usage cases. We will cover error management tools in production applications such as rollbar or sentry. Teach how to detect bottlenecks in our infrastructure, as well as monitor resources in real time with tools such as netdata

DevOps Program Team

Start your way to one of the most sought-after professions.

Marc Rivero Lopez

With over 10 years of experience in cyber security, he currently focuses on malware analysis research, reverse engineering and threat intelligence. Previously he developed his tasks within an anti-fraud team, serving different financial institutions, governments and CERT / CSIRT teams.

Access the best opportunities

We partner with some of the best international technology companies that help us define the curriculum and look for talented candidates to hire.

job openings
average pay

Learn how to solve problems

We believe in a new form of education where the only important thing is to improve your skills and knowledge to become a DevOps professional engineer.

Launch your career as DevOps

Join the first Collaborative Learning program created in Europe with the collaboration of some of the best technology companies and top-level CTOs.


Learn from some of the best DevOps Engineers from high-tech companies.

Christian Martorella

Product Security Engineering Lead at Skyscanner

Imma Valls

Senior Support Enginner at Elastic

Alberto Garcia

at IBM

Ramon Vicens

Mr Engineer, Intelligence Automation

Why we

Learn in the leading technology community in Spain.

Peer Learning

A unique learning method that enhances your skills and knowledge.

Learn more

Real projects

Learn by developing business projects.

Learn more

Learn from the best

Learn from the best professionals.

Learn from the best

We only admit 1 in 10 applicants.

Career Opportunities

At the end of our program you will be able to access the following positions, among others.

DevOps Engineer

Access DevOps Engineer opportunities in a high demand market.

Cloud Engineer

Get ready to manage cloud environments on Google, AWS or Azure.

Systems Administration

Take care of managing a company's infrastructure and systems.


Leads the technological area of any project.

Develops real cases

Learn from real cases from some of the world's leading technology companies

Become a DevOps Engineer

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