Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Assembler?
There are multiple educational options on the market, but we were born to be a different kind of school. Our 7 month Masters, focus mainly on selecting the best candidates and training them with the best professionals to access the job market. Through collaborative learning methods we offer our candidates a unique academic experience in Spain in which the most important thing is to enhance your skills and abilities. In addition, we want to make an education of excellence accessible to everyone, so in our Masters you pay a registration fee and most of the cost of the Master is only paid if you find a job through an ISA.
Do I need a computer to attend?
We believe that each student has his or her own way of working and prefers his or her own equipment, so we do not provide computers for every student. However, there are some laptops available for you to use in case you forget to bring your own.
Do you help students find jobs?
At Assembler School, we help our students know how to find a job. In addition, from our Career Services department we share job opportunities and help them prepare. During the Masters, the student, besides developing all his/her knowledge and skills in programming, will work with Careers to also develop his/her professional profile.
Do I get a degree at the end of the program?
In the current environment and especially in developer positions, technology companies do not value titles, but focus their selection processes to understand if the candidate would fit in the team (soft skills) and if he has the necessary knowledge to access the position. We understand that the best "title" that you can get at the end of the Master, is a job.
Do you have remote programs?
Yes, you can currently access our Master Full Stack Developer in remote, which will teach you how to be a good developer and the best practices and methodologies for working remotely.
Can I combine work and the Masters of Assembler?
No. Our full-time Masters are very immersive and hardcore. It is important that during the time you dedicate to our programs, you can be 100% focused on learning, and that requires a dedication from 09:00am to 18:00pm from Monday to Friday.

Our line of Executive Education programs is more focused on professionals and therefore you could combine it with work.
What level of English is required?
The world of technology moves mostly in English, that's why all the contents of our program are in English and some sessions are also in English. It is important to have a good level of English in order to be able to access job offers later on.
Can I learn on my own?
Yes and no. You could probably learn some things by following online courses, but being extremely systematic and lengthening the learning process a lot over time. In the end, our program has a great deal of self-training, since collaborative learning is based on that and the collaboration and support of your peers. In addition, during our program, our coaching team will guide you through the learning process, allowing you to learn faster.
What are the requirements for access to your training?
At Assembler School we are committed to educational excellence, and therefore, we know that candidates are very important.

To be able to access our programs you must:

- Have a great motivation and good soft skills.
- Have basic technical knowledge. (They will be evaluated in the admission process)
- Successfully pass the admission process.

We invest in the training of our students, therefore, we take into account the admission process, we only admit 1 in 10 candidates.

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