Real-world based learning

Assembler School of Software Engineering is a pioneer in the implementation of the Peer Learning method in technology education programs in Spain.


We apply innovative learning methods to meet the needs of the real world, giving our students a unique vision and skills to launch their career.


Collaborative learning

Studies have shown that the cognitive process of exercising together, asking questions and reaching conclusions will greatly help to assimilate knowledge, which improves student understanding. This process improves deep learning, where information is retained in long-term memory, rather than superficial learning, where information can dissipate very quickly from the memory retained in the class.


Taught by industry professionals.

Peer instruction

The teacher becomes a guide and facilitator for you to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Real environment

Learn by developing real projects in a simulation of a real working environment.


Learn to work as a team, to collaborate, evaluate and lead people.

International environment

Join a global community of students and become part of the Assembler family. You will share your knowledge and your learning path with people from more than 10 countries.

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Student Community

Our alumni network offers you a unique opportunity to join a growing community of technology professionals.

Real world

You will work with the main working methodologies of benchmark tech companies.

Collaborative space

Learn in a space that will help you collaborate and interact with your peers in a unique academic experience.


Access professional developers who will be your mentors.