Supported by some of Europe's leading
technology companies


Associated companies

We created this program to provide the talent needed by some of Europe's leading technology companies.

Join our partner network

Join our network of partners and access the best technology talent in Spain.

Access candidates with high potential
Impact on society
Mentor our students

Hire the best

We select the best candidates to join our program. Only 1 in 10 applications are accepted for our Full Stack Developer Master.

The best talent

Through our admission process we detect the best talent and invite you to join one of our programs. Only 1 in 10 candidates are admitted.

Support the future of education

Changing education as it is established allows us to better train candidates and allow companies to access better talent.

Priority in recruitment

By joining our network of partners, your company will have direct access to our students for recruitment purposes.

Tailor-made training

It participates in the creation of academic content. Include your company as an option for students to specialize in your needs.

Internship programs

Participate in the evolution of our students by giving them the opportunity to do an internship in your company.

Follow the evolution

Take a look at our candidates as they progress through the program.

Hire outstanding talent

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