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Master in Software Development
in Remote

Best School for Technology Education 2020

Become a high performance programmer in 7 months without leaving home! Our remote learning model will take you into the world of advanced programming from the best experts.

Train with the best professionals

Become a full-stack programmer and master the main languages and development environments with the best professionals.

Work on real projects

It develops projects for some of the most important technology companies in Spain. Learn how to master programming in the main technologies.

Launch your career and access job opportunities

Join the best technology companies and access job offers from companies that are changing the world.


7 months
1,200 hours

For whom

For residents in Spain


English and Spanish


Check out the options with our experts

Receive information about our financing methods.

Remote - Full time
Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm


programming knowledge


March 2021 - Complete

June 2021- Complete

October 2021 - Admissions open

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Work for the best companies

Access job opportunities at some of the best technology companies and meet CTOs directly during our program.

work opportunities

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Curriculum Vitae

Assembler School is an intensive and immersive learning environment, so it is important that you know what you are going to face in our Master in Software Development.



Once you register, you will access to our remote collaborative pre-course where you will reinforce your knowledge on Programming Fundamentals, HTML and CSS.



JSON & LocalStorage, Bootstrap, Javascript, AJAX, DOM


Web Development

Modern Javascript, ReactJS, REST APIs, Webpack


Advanced Web Dev

SAAS, Jest, Redux, Testing React Library, Data Structures, Queues, Linked Lists, Hash Maps


PHP Backend Dev

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, PHP Unit, Object Oriented Programming


Backend Dev JS

Express, Node.js, MongoDB


Final Project

Specialize in Frontend, Backend or Fullstack working on a real project with SCRUM methodology and in a team.


Careers Hub

Start our Careers Hub with our Career Mentors, where you will work on your professional profile to find the job of your dreams.

Why us?

Learn to work remotely

We use the best methods and good practices to work remotely. 1 to 1 sessions, daily meetings, pair programming.

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Job Opportunities

Over 12% of programmers worldwide work remotely. Become the best remote developer and access career opportunities worldwide.

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Mentoring Sessions

You will have different master classes with experts and CTOs every week.

Soft Skills

Enhance your communication, collaboration and leadership skills in a collaborative environment.

Surround yourself with the best talent

Only 1 in 10 applicants are accepted for our Master's.

Solves projects

It solves projects based on problems of technological companies of reference in Europe.

What do our
students think

The Assembler model is adapted so that we learn from each other, in a practical way and where collaboration is the most important thing. It stands out for me that we do not stop programming at any time, that it is all practice, that the pace is at lightning speed and that we have learned a lot.

Cristofer Garcia
Student Master in Software Development June 2020

In Assembler you are the one who learns on your own and you yourself learn to learn to wake up on your own. I thought it was amazing and totally different from what I had seen so far. You learn a lot.

Victor Martinez
Student Master in Software Development June 2020

The experience has been great. I see the evolution from the beginning and I find it impressive, we have touched and practiced quite a few technologies and tools. With each new project I feel more and more confident writing code and implementing solutions. The learning process is intense and demanding considering that most of it is practical, but we always have support from the academic team and peers - so we are also learning how to work in teams and how to optimize communication processes.

Yulia Beliakova
Student Master in Software Development March 2020

"I decided to apply to Assembler School after a bootcamp and almost 2 years of work experience to expand my programming knowledge, learn how to learn and feel able to launch myself to any programming challenge. To date, I couldn't be more happy with what I have achieved, a totally self-taught methodology oriented to the real world and with top mentors from the Barcelona's tech environment. Assembler has been without a doubt the best academic experience I've had so far".

Cristina Moreno
Student Master in Software Development October 2019

In Assembler you are the one who learns on your own and you yourself learn to learn to wake up on your own. I thought it was amazing and totally different from what I had seen so far. You learn a lot.

Victor Martinez
Student Master in Software Development June 2020

My experience has been very positive, from the selection process in which Alexandra was very attentive at all times, through the first days of introduction with the other students and Assembler staff who, although remotely and from home because of the situation with the coronavirus, have been friendly and close.
Until today, almost two months later, when we begin to consolidate the technologies we have seen so far with small exercises and projects focused from a practical rather than theoretical point of view.

Jorge Garcia
Student Master in Software Development March 2020

What stands out the most for me about Assembler School is the academic team, the mentors: they explain very well, they leave you your space to work so that you can be self-taught, without the need to be on top of you all the time. Assembler School for me is an educational revolution.

Sukaina Abkari
Alumna Master in Software Development June 2020


Learn from some of the most recognized CTOs and developers in Europe.

Daniel Gimenez

Co-Founder and CTO at Trovit, Niumba. CEO at Finletic

Sergi de Pablos

Co-Founder and CTO
at Ulabox

Sacha Fuentes

Co-Founder and CTO
at Coverfy

Alvaro Moya

VP of Engineering
at Wefox

Sergi Bech

CTO at Catch it

Bernat Ripoll

Co-Founder and Co-CEO
at Holded

Eduardo Cermeño

CEO at Vaelsys, PhD Computer Science

Diego Kuperman

Co-Founder and CTO
at SoySuper, Tech Speaker

Sergi Lao

Co-Founder and CTO
at Flanks

Jesus Monleon

Co-Founder Emagister, Co-Founder SeedRocket & Seedrocket4Founders VC

Marc Baqué

Head of Software at Slashmobility

Eduard Martinez

CTO at GoTrendier and

Job Opportunities

Launch your career by working in some of the leading technology companies in Spain.


Enrollment Options

At Assembler School we have the mission of an education of excellence accessible to any talented person, that's why we have different options to help you achieve your goals.

Payment on success

We invest in you! We are the first and only school in Spain that offers ISA to all its students. 10% tuition fee and the rest only if you find a job at the end of the Master.

Upfront payment

Invest in your education and save by making a payment in up to 3 installments.

Join the future of education

Access the best training for remote programmers from the best professionals in the industry in an innovative and unique program.

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